Hack Club

Simply put, the purpose of LASA Hack Club is to help students of all levels of experience reach their full potential through learning and hacking.


A hacker is often assumed as someone who tries to get unauthorized access to break into a system, but this isn't always true!

The term hacking in this case refers to the action of simply using one's technical knowledge to achieve a certain goal.

Hackathons provide both fun and learning opportunities to all students — this club aims to enable students to fulfill their previously unexplored potential to create through learning and hacking. Students of all levels of experience are welcome! Through this club, anyone will be able to learn how to derive innovative solutions to current daily problems the world faces.

Our Leaders

Julia Ding



Julia is a LASA junior interested in all things computer science and mathematics-related. She’s passionate about bridging educational and gender gaps and enjoys giving back to the community! In her free time, she enjoy playing the cello, puzzling out fun math problems, competing in hackathons, and making bad puns.

Luisa Mao

Vice President


Luisa is a junior at LASA who loves all things computer science and is most interested in learning more about quantum computing, especially its applications in cryptography. She feels so grateful to have found a community of STEMinists who share many of her passions and interests. Other than computer science, Luisa enjoys playing the piano and swimming. She also has a strong interest in pure math and is part of the math community at LASA.

Connor McDonald


Connor is a sophomore at LASA who enjoys everything STEM-related. He's part of Hack Club because he wants to help make the field of computer science more accessible for underrepresented groups. Connor also enjoys playing both baseball and basketball. He is an avid guitarist as well.

How to Join

Simply fill out the form below and text @lasaha to 81010!


Below is a calendar of upcoming events relevant to Hack Club, including upcoming hackathons and meeting descriptions.